Thursday, April 21, 2011

Downgraded to 802.11b because of IDEOS X5

Sol and i bought android phones. Hers is the IDEoS U8150. Mine is the IDEOS X5.

My X5 has a bad interaction with our Compaq Presario laptop's wifi. When the X5 is in the same room as the laptop, the laptop's wifi keeps going down and reconnecting (with link quality dropping to 10%. It's normally 100%).

The DLink wifi router was set to use 802.11 b or g and the laptop was using g. Forcing the wifi router to use only 802.11b made the instability go away. I don't think we care that much about the bandwidth either. I didn't actually get anything close to 52Mb/s anyway even with g :-).

If I ever get around to setting up the guruplug at the laptop stations, I might be able to switch back to 802.11g. The guruplug could be the local wifi client and wifi on the laptops would go off. The laptops would then have 24/7 access to the terabyte drive that would go on the guruplug.

I don't know when the guruplug will go live though. There isn't enough demand for it and I haven't gotten around to getting an ethernet hub yet (so the guruplug and the nearby laptops would be wired among themselves).